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  How to earn through internnet?  
    This is the first question that strikes everyone who hears it! There are many ways to earn through the internet but I will teach you what I’m a master of, that is    
Affiliate Marketing
    Let me give you a slight idea about it here. This is an extract from my tutorial (which I will send you when you register with me).    
  What is affiliate marketing?  
    This question is very important to know because we will earn through Affiliate Marketing only. The picture below explains the basics of the same.    
  Affiliate Marketing Basics  
You can get paid either through Pay-per-Click (for each visitor), or Pay-per-Lead (for each registration), or Pay-per-Sale (commission for each sale).So now Im sure you have an idea of what exactly you have to do!! Now that weve understood the essence of Affiliate Marketing, another very common query that arises is that,
  how to Implement Affiliate Marketing  
  step 1: build a website  
  step 2: earn through your website  
  step 3: i will give you sponsors  
Why Affiliate Marketing? The advertising techniques can be as many as you can think of promoting your business is nothing but using your resources to the utmost. But then the question is,
"What are the reasons that Affiliate Marketing is such a hit?"
This is so because it is a “Pay per Performance” technique. You get pamphlets and hoardings printed, but you never know if you will have any walk ins or not. But in case of Affiliate Marketing, you pay only after you get a query or a customer!

Now as you checklist what you have to do, you can cross out what I will do for you. This really
cuts down your initial effort to less than half of what is ideal, because.......
  I will teach you everything once you register with me  
  Sign Up now or read what I offer? Sign Up Now What I offer?  
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