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Let's keep it short and simple. After my extensive research and experience of six years in the field of internet marketing, I have an offer for you. I will design a money making website for you and also give you complete guidance to earn through it for FREE!!
  Now here's the offer:  
  dot I will design a money making website for you  
  dot I will guide you to earn from it  
  dot I will give you a step-by-step guide to start earning  
  dot I will tell you all the income sources  
  It's a Simple Deal, Follow My Instructions See The Results For Yourself...  
Today, after six years, I am capable of earning $1000 a day and sometimes even more through my websites. I had to do extensive study and research to reach the level that I am, but I'm giving you a shortcut. I am not asking you to search for earning options, I will tell you those. I am not asking you to spend time experimenting. I will guide you through my experience. I will give you a money making website with tips and guidelines about how to make money from it.
  But, There are Two Requirements For It  
  I. Purchase the Domain Name  
  II. Purchase Website Hosting  
To start earning, all you need is website and the basic requirements for it are domain name and web hosting. I will always try my best that you get the best deal available. My objective is not to extract any money from you. Had it been so, I would have asked you to pay for my website designing as well, but I don't. There is one more thing I would like to add, you have to purchase the domain name and hosting through my recommended websites. If you agree to this, there's nothing else that should really matter. Buying a domain name for your website and website hosting is as necessary as having a computer and internet connection when it comes to earn cash online. I am not asking you to pay me anything. These are basic requirements to start a good long-running business module.

Domain Name is the name you choose for your website and Hosting is the space on the web where the contents of your website are stored. Also, I can give you the domain name and hosting for free, but then you would not have any proof to earn from it because the domain name and hosting would be in my name. To get the ownership of everything related to your website like its popularity or earning, you need to purchase these. These are the basic requirements to get started.


This is no shortcut to success. My concept and your hardwork. We will work together!!
But before we begin further:

  STOP!! Read further before you sign up!  
Before you get started, I would like to add, please do not continue until you are serious about it. This is no joke or trick or gimmik. This is serious business we are talking. I want only those poeple to join my team who really want to make it big in this field of Internet marketing.
  dot You have to follow my instructions religiously.  
  dot Spend around 2-3 hours daily on your website.  
  dot And be patient, it takes time to get those first $$dollars$$ in your account.  
  dot Purchase Domain Name and Hosting  


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